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Dragon Ball FigherZ Open Beta Info
Posted by Akatsuki @BNEA on 12 January 2018 11:12 AM

The Open Beta for the Americas/Canada region
The Open Beta client for Dragon Ball FighterZ is available for download as of (1/12/18) for all users on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One platforms in the North American region.

The second Open Beta will take place from Wednesday, 1/17/18 (9:00pm PST) to Thursday 1/18/18 (8:59pm PST). For users located outside of the Pacific Time Zone, please make sure to take the time difference into account when attempting to access the Open Beta. (ex: Eastern Time Zone users will be able to access the Open Beta from Thursday 1/18/18 (12:00am EST) until Friday 1/19/18 (11:59am EST))

PS4 Open Beta
Xbox One Open Beta 

For any additional inquiries or issues regarding the Open Beta in the Americas/Canada region, please contact our Community Team via the company social site links below:

Company Social Sites:
Dragon Ball FighterZ FAQ:


For users in regions outside of the Americas/Canada, please reach out to the Bandai Namco community/support team(s) for your region for more information regarding the Open Beta in your specific region/country.

For European/Asian/African/Australian region customers, please redirect your inquiry to the following website: EU Support Link

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