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Dragon Ball FighterZ (Switch): Explanation of "Simple Mode" controls
Posted by Akatsuki @BNEA on 05 October 2018 02:47 PM

When you have Simple Mode enabled, the Y (Light), X (Medium), A (Heavy), and B (Special) buttons work the same as the standard controls. However, the L, R, ZL, and ZR buttons work differently in simple mode.

Additional commands (including assists and tag) are tied to a combination of the L and R buttons and the A,B,X,Y buttons.

To turn Simple Mode on/off in VS Mode, please go to the "character select screen" and press the R button.

To turn Simple Mode on/off in Story Mode, please go to "Edit Teams" and press the ZR button.

We have also included a full command list below:

  • 6R (R + Forward) = Super Dash 
  • 6L (L + Forward) = Dragon Rush 
  • L + Light (Y) = Assist 1 
  • L + Special (B) = Assist 2 
  • L + Medium (X) = Tag in Assist 1 (Also performs Guard Cancel Change while Guarding) 
  • L + Heavy (A) = Tag in Assist 2 (Also performs Guard Cancel Change while Guarding) 
  • L + R + Special (B) = Sparking 
  • R + Light (Y), Medium (X), Heavy (A), or Special (B) = Special Moves (varies by character).  
  • L + R + Light (Y), Medium (X), Heavy (A) = Ultimate Attack(s) (Level 1, Level 3 special varies by character).  
  • L + R + Light (Y) (Character in Assist 1) or Special (B) (Character in Assist 2) = Level 1 Ultimate Z Change 
  • L + R + Medium (X) (Character in Assist 1) or Heavy (A) (Character in Assist 2) = Level 3 Ultimate Z Change
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