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Dark Souls III - Infinite Loading Screen when accessing the DLC (PS4)
Posted by Akatsuki @BNEA on 28 March 2017 11:21 AM

This is a known issue that's due to corrupt game or DLC install files or potentially due to corrupt system firmware (this has occurred for both the Ashes of Ariandel and the Ringed City DLC expansions). This is NOT an issue with your save file, so please DO NOT DELETE it.

Please perform one of the following workarounds to resolve this:

  • Deleting the Dark Souls III game installation and DLC content from your PS4 system. To do this restart the PS4 system to begin this process and clear the system cache, then reinstall the Dark Souls III game files and the DLC content again. Once that's done, perform a "License Restore" within the system settings. Some users have mentioned that they ended up needing to reinstall Dark Souls III + DLC a few times, so if you still have the issue please retry the process.
  • Installing the Dark Souls III + DLC through a different network environment may also resolve this (for example, using the network at a friend or family member's house whom also own Dark Souls III). We've received some cases where certain network environments prevented the game and DLC from downloading and installing properly to the system.
  • Transfering your save file to another PS4 system (either via cloud-saving or USB memory stick), and entering the DLC area using that PS4 system (and then quitting the game properly via the in-game menu to update the save file). At this point you can transfer your save file back to your own PS4 and try the save again. Please note that you may still need to reinstall Dark Souls III + DLC as mentioned above, if the content wasn't properly downloaded and installed to your PS4 system the first time.
  • Factory resetting the PS4 (this is a last resort workaround and is not generally recommended). Then retrying the steps above. Please make sure to back up the save files from your system beforehand (if trying this solution/workaround as a factory reset will completely remove any saved data from the system).

We also received the following workaround from an end user who was experiencing this with the Ashes of Ariandel DLC content, but this workaround should also apply to the Ringed City DLC content as well:
  1. Delete everything related to Dark Souls III and reinstall the game and patch
  2. Enter the game, but do not load your save/character (as in this scenario the DLC wouldn't be installed since you've only downloaded and reinstalled the game and patch)
  3. While the game is open and running, start the download of the DLC from the in-game "Purchase Add-On" option.
  4. When the download is completely finished, exit the game properly (via the in-game menu) and close the game from the system dashboard, from there go to "settings > network" and disconnect from internet.
  5. Restart the Dark Souls III game. 
  6. After reaching the title menu, the DLC name should appear listed in the left top corner. At this point, you can load your save file while in "offline" mode. If the game should provide a license error, make sure you have "restored licenses* from the system setting options (and activated your PSN account as the primary account on the PS4**).
  7. Once in the game, leave the cathedral via bonfire then come back (For Ashes of Ariandel) / Warp to the DLC Area (For the Ringed City)

*License Restore
Settings> Playstation Network Account Management> Restore Licenses

**System Activation
Settings> Playstation Network Account Management> Activate as Primary PS4


We thank you for your patience and understanding and the suggestions/workarounds listed above should help to resolve any trouble you may be experiencing with the Dark Souls III DLC expansions.

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