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Dark Souls III - Restrictions and warning messages, what do they mean?
Posted by chaos @BNEA on 02 May 2016 04:13 PM

It has come to our attention that there is some confusion regarding the Dark Souls III restriction system. As such, we have compiled the information we received from the Dark Souls III server team (regarding the warning messages and restriction system in Dark Souls III) below:


"Invalid Game Data" warning message

This message appears at the Dark Souls III main title screen when an end user's profile/account has been detected of having modified data (altered save/character data), the presence of an external tool/file is being used (Hack/Cheat tools), exploits (duping items/equipment) or other violations of the End User License Agreement (EULA). This warning message is intended to inform an end user that, should they be using any such cheat/hacks, modified save data, or exploits that their account/profile will receive restrictions that will limit their online interactions with other players if the content is not removed. Upon the first display of this warning message it is recommended that an end user remove any such cheats/hacks, modified or exploited data from their profile/account and discontinue any further use of them (if the data is removed quickly enough after the message is received the Dark Souls III server team may, at their discretion and based on the severity of the violation, lift the temporary restrictions and restore the online interactions with other legitimate players).

  • Does the end user need to contact support? - The answer is no, an end user does not need to contact a support team during this message. If the end user is indeed "innocent" and not using any such cheats/hacks or modified save data then there is no need to contact support since the Dark Souls III server team will simply remove the warning message once the profile/account has been determined to be false-positive (since no cheats/hacks or modified data will end up being detected, if the account/profile is following the rules in the EULA).


  • If after the message clears and no restrictions occur, what would happen if I used or continued to use cheats/hacks? - The answer is simple, no further warning messages would be sent. Instead the end user would simply receive the "You have been Penalized" message and their account/profile would receive permanent restrictions to limit their online interactions with other players.


  • Do network disconnections result in restrictions? - In general the answer is no (although severe and repeated multiplayer session disconnections may eventually cause the profile/account to be "restricted" by the Dark Souls III server team to maintain a stable online environment for all other players although these would only happen on rare and severe occasions), and the reason for this is that network disconnections are to be expected from time to time. However, persistent network disconnections will cause a temporary in-game restriction to occur which will continue to last until a stable network environment is restored. If the disconnections become too frequent or severe, the player will be required to use the "Way of the White Circlet" to restore the network connections to other players. If the "Way of the White Circlet" has already been used, the player will need to maintain a stable connection until a new "Way of the White Circlet" appears in the game start location called the "Cemetery of Ash". If the "Way of the White Circlet" is not there, come back at a later time (as it does take time for a new one to spawn and the player must not be in the area when it does or it won't spawn at all).


"You have been Penalized" restriction message

This message appears at the Dark Soul III main title screen when the Dark Souls III server team has determined that a violation of the EULA has occurred. The player's profile/account will have permanent restrictions placed on their profile/account to limit their online interactions with other players. Please note that players will still be able to play in "Online Mode" even with restrictions on their profile/account (but with limited online interactions with other players).

  • Does the end user need to contact support? - Primarily if the end user truly believes that they were restricted due to a false-positive detection or would like to check on the reasoning for why their account was restricted. Contacting the support team for their specific region will allow the support staff to look further into any current restrictions for an end users profile/account and provide additional information to the end user regarding the reasons why restrictions were placed on their account/profile.


  • Does the support team have the ability to lift my restriction? - No, the support teams can only investigate a players profile/account. All restrictions are handled by the Dark Souls III server team and any such request would need to be forwarded to this team (by the specific support team) for any further investigation.


  • Can the restrictions be lifted? - The answer to this is still up to the Dark Souls III server team as only they would be able to determine the level of severity regarding the violations incurred under the profile/account in question. It is very unlikely that any restrictions will be lifted from players who intentionally used cheat/hack programs, exploits (such as duping items/souls etc.), or used modified save data. If a user truly believes their profile/account needs to be looked/checked further, the support teams can forward a customer's account/profile information to the Dark Souls III server team in order for them to look into it further. 


  • If a customer asks the support team to look further or lift the restrictions for their account/profile, without telling them that the customer intentionally did violate the EULA, will there be any repercussions? - Yes, the profile/account may end up being permanently restricted from being able to connect to the Dark Souls III servers at all, due to the unnecessary amount of time and resources used that could have been better applied to helping actual false-positive flagged end users.


We have also included a link below to the Dark Souls III EULA as many end users have requested additional information regarding what would be considered a "Restrictable/Punishable" offense. The specific section of the EULA that covers "Online Conduct" is covered in Section 7.

Link to Dark Souls III EULA article


Additionally, we've provided the links below to the other region support teams (in case you are from a region outside of the Americas/Canada region):

For European customers please redirect your inquiry to the following website:

For Asia customers please redirect your inquiry to the following website:

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