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Dark Souls III (XB1 only) - Trouble downloading latest calibrations?
Posted by chaos @BNEA on 13 April 2016 02:57 PM

We have been receiving reports from players that are having trouble downloading the latest calibrations when booting up the Dark Souls III title (on Xbox One).

A workaround was provided by another customer that seems to work for a majority of users and as such we wanted to post this for any other users who may be experiencing this issue.

Basically, the process involves starting a download from your game download queue and then launching Dark Souls III to allow the calibrations to successfully download and be applied to the game. Once you have done this you can cancel your download as it's no longer needed (and at that point you should be able to log on to the servers, now that the new calibrations have been added/applied).

  1. Close/shut-down the Dark Souls III title completely.
  2. Go to your games queue and select an item (such as Dark Souls 1) to start downloading.
  3. While the item/content is downloading, start up Dark Souls III and reach the Main Menu (where the calibrations are checked).
  4. The calibrations should download/install.
  5. Cancel or stop your item/content download (now that the calibrations have been added/installed).

If the above process does not work, you may need to take "Step 1" further by fully shutting down and restarting your XB1 system (or repeat the above process a couple more times). Outside of this, it's possible there could simply be internet connection issues with your network connection, causing issues with your system being able to download/install the calibrations properly.

If so, please send an email to the appropriate support team for your region (we've included the links for EU and AS support below) and they will help troubleshoot your connection further.

For European customers please redirect your inquiry to the following website:

For Asia customers please redirect your inquiry to the following website:

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