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Dark Souls II (PC/Steam) - Troubleshooting Connection Issues
Posted by chaos @BNEA on 06 May 2014 04:11 PM

Please read below for suggestions on what to try if you are having trouble connecting to the Dark Souls II (PC/Steam) servers:

We recommend forwarding the ports listed below to improve your connection to the Dark Souls II online service and the Steamworks server:

Steam Ports

UDP 27000 to 27015

UDP 27015 to 27030

TCP 27014 to 27050

UDP 3478

UDP 4379

UDP 4380


Additional Dark Souls II server ports:

DSII Ports:

TCP 3478

TCP 3479

TCP 3480

TCP 5223

TCP 8080

TCP 50011

UDP 3478

UDP 3479

UDP 3658

UDP 49167-65535


TCP: 50000 ~ 50100

UDP: 50000 ~ 50100

What you will need to do is access your router from your computer and input the ports listed below to open them and allow incoming connection. In case you aren't too familiar with this method, we would recommend contacting the manufacturer of your router/modem itself as they would be better able to assist you with the specifics behind your device.

If port forwarding alone does not resolve this issue, we recommend contacting your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to inquire if there are any Firewalls set up on your connection by default or to check your router's/modem's configuration as some have built in Firewall settings that can be turned on/off.

We also recommend checking to make sure you don't have any other devices accessing your network as having multiple devices/items can cause network issues as well (Laptops, Computers, Tablets, smart phones, etc.) Additionally, we recommend checking the configuration of your Network Security as it may be a type that has increased security/restrictions as well.

Finally, we have also received reports from other players that Anti-Virus programs and PC Firewalls (separate from router/modem firewalls) have blocked some users from connecting and would recommend checking to make sure these programs are disabled as well.

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