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Dark Souls II - Does my account have restrictions/limitations on it?
Posted by chaos @BNEA on 03 April 2014 11:14 AM

The Dark Souls II server team has been going through the servers and monitoring players to determine if they have violated the End User License Agreement. Players who use external save data, hacks, mods, or any other cheats/exploits are in violation of the EULA and their account may have restrictions/limitations placed on it if the profile/account is found to be using them. Please note that restrictions/limitations are not the same as a ban (as players will still be able to play online, but with limited online experiences).

Additionally, if a player is having issues with disconnections (whether intentional or not) while in "online mode" limitations on their online experience may be temporarily imposed by the game in order to keep the online experience stable for the rest of the online community. Normally, after some time of playing the game online (with a stable connection) any such temporary issues like this with a players connection should correct themselves (unless they are so severe that a Bone of Order item is required to restore their online status). Continued disconnections after using the "Bone of Order" may result in further restrictions/limitations placed on the account/profile but would not be permanent (as other direct violations of the EULA for mods, hacks, cheats, etc. would be). 

*Please note that a notification to the player (for any violations against the EULA) is NOT required and is at the sole discretion of the Dark Souls II server team.

Please also note that if you are having trouble summoning/invading you may want to check our article for Summonings/Invasions as there may be other reasons why this is occurring.


It has come to our attention that some players may be receiving items/weapons/equipment from players that are hacking/modding and that the items dropped could be modified/hacked versions of a weapon/item/equipment that could potentially cause the Dark Souls 2 server team to flag your account as violating the EULA (it turns out that the Dark Souls II server team is not placing restrictions/limitations due to such hacked/modded items, but will be monitoring any accounts found in possession of such items more closely for any other further violations of the EULA). Our recommendation would be to avoid picking up any items that other players drop for you unless you know/trust the person dropping them (or removing any such items from your inventory, or simply deleting the character if you are unable to remove/discard them by normal means). Please note that as long as the weapon/item is not picked up and added to your inventory it will not be flagged by the Dark Souls 2 server team as a violation of the EULA (since you have not accepted the item into your character's inventory) and the item should disappear over time (or by reaching another playthrough).

PS: Don't take candy from strangers...

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