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Dark Souls - I'm having trouble summoning players?
Posted by chaos @BNEA on 05 October 2011 08:26 PM

Below are the basic conditions required to summon other players within Dark Souls 

Conditions for summoning (White Sign Soapstone):

  1. The host (person who's game world will be used) must be human. The client (person joining the game) can either be human or undead.

  2. The client’s level must fall within 10% (above or below) of the host’s level (this is more strict in the earlier soul levels). 

  3. The area boss (Taurus Demon, Bell Gargoyles, Moonlight Butterfly, etc…) in the host’s world must still be alive. A client can still be summoned even if the client has already defeated their own area boss.

  4. The host must not have placed down a summoning sign. Summoning signs from other players will not appear in a host’s world if the host also has placed a summoning sign down. This is to prevent a network conflict of the host joining someone else's game world while the clients are trying to join the host's game world.

  5. After successfully summoning, the client will return to their world if the area boss is defeated, the client is killed or the host is killed.

Additional solutions/workarounds for online issues:

Power-Cycling your modem
It is also recommended to perform a power-cycle on your router/modem to improve online connections. To do this simply unplug the power cord from your router/modem for 15-30 seconds. Re-connect the power cord and wait until all of the blinking lights are stable (usually only 10-20 seconds). After the lights are stable perform an internet connection test with your system. In most cases this will alleviate a majority of connection problems you may be experiencing.

Opening ports for Firewall connections
If you currently have a firewall up on your connection, we recommend opening the following ports to allow proper connections to XBL or PSN:

Playstation Network:
TCP 80
TCP 443
TCP 5223
UDP 3478
UDP 3479
UDP 3658

Xbox Live:
Port 88 (UDP)
Port 3074 (UDP and TCP)
Port 53 (UDP and TCP)
Port 80 (TCP)

Limit bandwidth usage
If there are other users currently using the bandwidth on your connection (watching Netflix/Hulu, streaming music, etc) it could slow the online multiplayer aspects in Dark Souls. Therefore, it is recommended that you limit the amount of bandwidth usage to allow a proper online multiplayer experience when playing Dark Souls.
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Sasori  (Reply)
18 April 2012 09:58 PM
Well so far I just unplugged my router. The first time I was summoned twice so far and all is well. After spending countless hours trying to get summoned and having it fail. I won't say that I'm cured but so far so good. It seems that the online system for this game is very touchy compared to other online games however I am new to online gaming and the only other games I've played online is COD MW2 and COD Black Ops.
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